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Carpets, are the main parts of your house and get dirty with regular activities. The stains can sometimes be tough to Clean easily by yourself. You therefore, need to thing about hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner as they have the knowledge, expertise and techniques to make your Carpet looking like new.

Let’s discuss some of the most frequent asked questions that are relevant to Carpet Cleaning.

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The Best Carpet Cleaning in Reading

TF Carpet Cleaning Reading specialises in Cleaning Carpets for your home and business.

How much does it cost to get your Carpets Cleaned?

Many of our customers believe that hiring a machine from the local supermarket will save them money and that may be correct.

However, if you hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning company then you will get value for money and a far deeper Clean for your Carpet and value for money.

As a Professional Carpet Cleaning company, we all have minimum charges to cover our costs such as travel time, insurance, training and time to set up and complete the job.

Is it worth getting your Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

Yes, it’s definitely worth getting your Carpets Cleaned Professionally. There will always be a massive difference between Cleaning Carpets yourself and Cleaning by a professional company such as TF Carpet Cleaning Reading.

When you Clean your Carpet yourself, you will not be able to clean the Carpet to the same standard that a professional company could.

The Professionals have the Carpet Cleaning knowledge and use the same correct process on a day to day basis. They also would have received training and have invested in the correct equipment.

Cleaning Carpets yourself might save you some money, but you won’t be able to Clean the more challenging areas or the Carpet correctly. There is a careful process that Carpet Cleaners use to achieve the best results according to your Carpets Fibre and condition. s material.

So if you’re looking for the Best Carpet Cleaning Reading that will achieve amazing results and remove those stubborn stains within your Carpet get in touch today.

Our Work

Type of Carpet

The rates to Clean a Carpet will be different due to various issues such as, Carpet Fibres like Polyester, Wool, Cotton, and Polypropylene.

Cotton and wool are an expensive material and difficult to clean due to it being a natural fibre. This can increase the overall cost of the Clean as the Cleaning Solutions to Clean such fibre are more costly to purchase and more time consuming to dry.

Cleaning methods

Different Cleaning methods have different costs. These are the most common we use 

Carpet Steam Cleaning

This guarantees 90% deep cleaning and sanitising of all Carpet types

Dry Carpet Cleaning

With minimal water and quick-drying ideal for a business or someone that needs the Carpets completely dry within 30 minutes.

However, this is the most costly and has minimum results for heavily soiled Carpets.

To determine a final price we would need to determine the size of the Carpet, Fibre of the Carpets, distance to travel, access issues and also tough stubborn stains.

Our minimum charge varies according to how far we have to travel to complete the job and also the size of the Carpet that needs to be Cleaned.

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Can you walk on your Carpets after they have been cleaned?

Yes, you can, although we always recommend you stay off your Carpets until they are completely dry to avoid possibly bringing dirt onto the Carpet from your footwear.

After using a Professional Carpet Cleaning company to Clean your Carpets it can be misleading when someone advises you not to walk on your Carpet.

We always, therefore, recommend that once your Carpets are completely dry you can then put back your furniture and walk on your Carpets with no problems whatsoever.

TF Carpet Cleaning Reading uses ‘speed driers’ to assist drying times making the Carpets in your home drier and quicker to avoid minimal disruption.

Typical Waiting time

After getting your Carpets Cleaned, you should expect at least 2-6 hours before you can walk and put furniture on your Carpet. This will ensure enough time for your carpets to dry completely.

Typically, Carpets will be completely dry during this time, however, its extremely difficult for us to give you an accurate timeframe as there are many factors that affect drying times such as –

  • Condition
  • Fibre
  • Length of pile


Once we complete the job we will be able to advise and give you accurate information on the day.


As Carpets are one of the main investments within your home investing and getting them Cleaned from a reputable and Professional company will achieve far better results.

TF Carpet Cleaning Reading does not charge extortionate fees to Clean your Carpets and it’s always worth seeking advice and booking with a local and reputable company which have gained an excellent reputation in Reading.

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