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Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Reading. We provide Cleaning services for both Residential & Commercial customers.

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TF Carpet Cleaning Reading prides itself on attention to detail and provides only the very best 5 star standards as expected by our customers.

We don’t just Clean your Carpets & Upholstery but we Deep Clean your Carpets and individually treat and remove any stubborn stains that are present.

Before commencing any Carpet Clean we must identify the Carpet fibres such as wool or a woolen mix, or even an artificial Carpet, and only then do we make a decision based on our findings the best Cleaning method and Cleaning Solution to use to achieve satisfactory results.

Once the Carpet Fibre is identified the Carpets are vacuumed correctly using our industrial vacuum Cleaner.

Your Carpets are then treated with our Cleaning Solution and then using a mechanical machine that is agitated into the fibres of the Carpet and then rinsed using a term in the trade called ‘How Water Extraction’- (HWE).

We also include as part of our Cleaning process free Deodoriser that will help keep any Odours at bay.

This HWE process removes all the dirt and bacteria and our Cleaning solutions by extracting it all in one from your Carpets into our Machine where its later disposed..

HWE is the most common and best process to get your Carpets beautifully Clean, restored, and smelling fresh again.

However, it doesn’t finish there. TF Carpet Cleaning Reading will then ‘comb’ the fibres of the carpet back to their original position and finally place ‘speed driers’ to enhance drying times.

Once the drying process is started all furniture is put back and put on safety pads or blocks to prevent any colour transfer or rust from transferring from the underneath of your furniture.

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We are providing the best and most affordable carpet cleaning services with guaranteed money back if you are not 100% satisfied with out work.

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Offering competive pricing for Sofa Cleaning. We are a local company with an excellent 5 star reputation.

What our client says



Thiago, Flavia and their team have cleaned for us for several months now. They are reliable, helpful, extremely efficient, and the house always sparkles after they have been. They offer additional services such as oven and carpet cleaning, although we haven’t used these. We would recommend them.”

John A


“Thiago and Flavia have been cleaning for me since they started their business.  I have been happy with the work they’ve done and they are very nice people to deal with.” 



Thiago and Flavia have been cleaning for me for a couple of years.  During that time, they have always worked hard and proved themselves to be very thorough, efficient and reliable.  I particularly like the fact that they work as a team – usually 3 or 4 of them working together – so 4 hours’ work is done in the space of an hour!

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Why choose us?

  • TF Cleaning Services is a family owned and run company, which means we are able to deliver professional services on a personal level.
  • With us, you will find flexibility and unconstrained timetable which will suit your budget and availability.
  • We are honest, reliable, friendly and hard-working
  • Special attention to details to ensure the complete satisfaction of each and every customer. 
  • All members of our team are  security checked and fully trained.
  • No fixed term contracts and we are covered by public liability insurance.

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Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We strive to provide you with the quality service that we are proud of.

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